Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Hi there! I'm back!

I've missed writing but my time has been well spent lately. Since the first of April, I left my day job as an attorney to stay home with my little ones and, the truth is, I haven't looked back. I've been enjoying every busy day with Jack & Caroline and, now that the dust has settled, what better occasion to return to blogging than my sweet Caroline's birthday?

Her birthday was actually yesterday but, after a busy day of baking, decorating, cake-eating and cleaning, my eyes were crossing by 7pm and the my chances of forming a coherent sentence were nil. 

I can't believe my sweet-as-pie Caroline is ONE year old. All of this seems like only yesterday...

birth day
1 month--already intrigued by the iPad

2 months
3 months

4 months

5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
11 months
12 months

A few things about being 1...

At one, Caroline speed-crawls and, as if she knew yesterday was a day for an important milestone, she cruised along the coffee table for the first time.

The day before her birthday, she said her first word "Bye-Bye,"--like a southern belle: "Bah-Bah"-- while opening and closing her little hand.

She gives wide-open-mouthed kisses, especially for her daddy. I forgot how sweet those first kisses are.

She's not a picky eater (yet anyway) and eats with gusto. Everything from PB&J to tuna salad. She even gnawed on a celery stick today.

As a child, I loved dolls. (I still do.) So, when Caroline opened her baby doll (a gift from my parents) and immediately kissed it and tried to feed it a toy cookie, I thought Oh, she's a little like me! and my heart soared.

She still loves to be held and playing with her big brother under the kitchen table and giggles like crazy when someone "chases" her. She is such a joy.

I made a blueberry cake for her party. I found this recipe online and I am pleased to report that it was tasty and also sturdy enough to make a little layer cake out of it for Caroline's smash cake (minus the crumb topping.) I also found a recipe for whipped cream frosting that wouldn't melt at room temperature. Its secret ingredient is cream cheese. I could eat it with a spoon. (And believe me, I did.) I also made these gluten-free blueberry muffins (with blueberries) for the first time and I was very impressed. They're as good as the real deal.

She loved her cake (and cried when we took it away... after she'd already eaten half.)

Of course, she had a little helper :)

Ahem. Whose birthday is it? 

Tom & I didn't spoil Caroline with too many presents, but we did give her a vintage-style Fisher Price phone and a book that I adore called Peek-a-Boo. It has quickly become my new favorite. The writing is poetic and the illustrations are so charming.

(The other book we gave her, Yummy Yucky, is Jack's new favorite. I read it to him 10+ times today.)

Happy birthday to my little sweetheart.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday-Halloween!

Why hello!

I know, I'm a bad blogger. 

But, in my defense, things have gotten a little crazy in the McManigal household. 

Ever since I went back to work (part-time, but it feels like triple-full-time) I've been working late nights and weekends in order to maximize my time with my kids on the days I'm not working. Everything else--laundry, cleaning, decorating for Halloween (which I would have loved to do) and, unfortunately blogging--has ben on hold.

Until this past weekend when Jack TURNED 2!!!

This is Jack on his birthday LAST year:

Look at that little baldy!!! I can't believe how much he's grown.

Here are a few photos from this year--what a big boy he is now!

(Why the pout? I can't say. It lasted for about half a second before it turned back into a grin, but somehow my camera captured it!)

I love this photo--he was filling his dump truck with little toys, then dumping them out and he was giggling and giggling. I can still hear him laughing when I look at this photo.

Those are my grandparents in the background. Tom's grandpa was there too. I can't tell you how special it is for Tom & I to have Jack's great-grandparents over to celebrate with him. He's a lucky kid. 

Here's Jack with his great-grandpa Lou & Tom:

In addition to Jack turning 2, Caroline turned 4 months on Tuesday! 
My big girl! 
(But really, she's not even 12 pounds, so she's just a lil peanut.)

Caroline with her great-grandpa

and with her Mimi

and her great-grandma and me!

And, just to make this blog post even longer--I'm making up for lost time, people!--here are some photos from Halloween:

Miss Caroline was the itsy bitsy spider... 

Caroline with her Grammy

And Jack was a tiger...

Eating fruit snacks--his first Halloween treat from Grammy!

His costume was vintage--both my brothers wore it in the '80s!

Anthony & I

Tommy :)

Jack went trick-or-treating for the first time and also tried his very first Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Snickers bars. Needless to say, he wanted "more dat!"

His Aunt Loni took him to a few houses...

I know I know. 
I'm a bad mom. 
I forgot to get Jack a trick-or-treat pillowcase or pumpkin. 
Luckily, Grammy came to the rescue with a little shopping bag!

Next, his cousin Shirley took him to a few more. Shirley is in 6th grade and Jack absolutely adores her.

He also got a little surprise at Mimi & Doc's house--Doc found our old Brio train set (we gave Jack one for his birthday because he's really into trains these days) and set it up at their house for him to play with. 

I had hoped to take a family photo but Miss Caroline was sleeping... 

Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

weekday post-it

i. am. beat.

started back at work yesterday.

roofers started banging overhead today at 7am sharp, waking all of us up. (which may not seem that early but when you were also up at 1 and 4, 7 is brutal.)

caroline refused to nurse with that racket--she is so distractible these days--so we rushed out of the house this morning with a hungry baby and a pajama'd toddler and spent the day at my in-laws' (who are out of town, to Jack's disappointment).

when we got home today there were three school buses parked right outside our house and one of the drivers let Jack hop aboard and sit in the driver's seat.

thanks for making my boy's day!

Also: a couple new words/phrases Jack is saying:

  • "Monny, Come!" (yes, he call me 'monny' for some reason. and i love it.)
  • "of course" (and he uses it correctly! like... Jack, do you want some raisins? "of course." only my child.)
  • "more dat!!!" (more of that) in a voice so labored and emphatic, it sounds like he's lifting a boulder.  most recently when trying a chocolate malt for the first time at Portillo's. i wanted more too!
And last, but not least... my sweet and sassy Caroline!

that smile is just too much for words.